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The live posts during the 5/6/15 OKC tornado outbreak NO LONGER IN EFFECT!


As of now a violent Tornado is on the ground. Could be 1/2 to 1 mile wide. BridgeCreek, OKC, Moore and surrounding areas at risk of a violent tornado on the ground!

                      THE POSTS ARE NOT IN EFFECT ANYMORE!
                 The update posts will be edited after the event 
                       as to not clutter up TVNcommunity!


If it dose not lift NewCastle Casino will be hit! Still coming straight at Moore!


Rumors that BridgeCreek has sustained a direct hit!


It seems it will go north of NewCastle Casino!


It seems to be weakening but there is new area of circulation by NewCastle


Developing tornado 3 miles south of NewCastle


TORNADO ON THE GROUND southeast of NewCastle. Cone funnel, may be on the ground




Tornado emergency for Norman and some of Moore



It seems to have lifted or at least weakened


Houses leveled near Blanchard,NewCastle, BridgeCreek. Cars ruined.


Seems to be going to miss OU campus. Rotation intensifying in Norman


Southern and Eastern Moore my be hit along with Norman. Will cross I-35 soon



We have power flashes in Norman. Tornado doing damage





If you are in South Moore or surrounding areas get to your tornado safe spot NOW!