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The mathematical awesomeness behind this year's once-in-a-century Pi Day


This year Pi Day is not only 3.14, it is 3.1415! This happens only once a century and some people don’t even get to experience such a year. This type of things makes people like me who enjoy math to begin with totally geek out (and even buy a Pi t-shirt to wear this Saturday in celebration of the rare date). More fun facts: 423 years ago the date 3/14/1592 created the first 7 digits of Pi - though I do not believe the holiday was yet celebrated at this point in history. Also, 13911 years from now the date 3/14/15926 will create the first 8 digits of Pi! How cool is that? As time goes on these dates will create more and more of Pi. Wouldn’t it be cool if we were here in tens of thousands of years to witness it? I think so. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this rare event here.


When I first saw this post I was wondering how this related to weather, etc but then I came across this article on The Washington Post where the author attempts to do exactly that. :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry I failed to mention that in my post. I think it probably relates to the weather in even more ways I’m not thinking of at the moment. Thanks for sharing that article! (I’m eating pie at 3/14/15 9:26:53 :smile:


That meaning the ratio comment at the beginning of the article, etc.


Last year we made a pie for pi day and had a mini holiday!