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The storms in Alabama (4-3-2015)


it is 4-3-2015. I am from Jasper Alabama and all I heard was there is going to be bad weather for today and all I see on radar is everything being in Tennesee and just pop ups here what is our chances.


@robdoug76 If you are talking about a current or historic weather event you should use the weather category. Also you need to include a date in the topic title, otherwise how does anyone have any idea what you’re talking about based on the title alone? Imagine a month from now when someone sees this title, what will they think it’s covering? Imagine someone going to post a new topic and is trying to make sure their topic hasn’t already been posted, how can they tell based on this title?


Seth I thought I posted a date I was checking for todays weather


You did add a date in the body of the post but for something like this it needs to be in the title as well, someone shouldn’t have to click on the post to get that key information when discussing events of specific dates.


ok I know now and I will do it next time. Does Alabama have a chance of a Tornadoe today


You can edit your post at any time, including the title. I just did for you this time.


on you are in an slight risk.