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Tornado Forecasting Workshop with SPC Lead Forecaster Rich Thompson


I just finished watching the fourth instalment in a weekly tornado forecasting workshop that Rich Thompson (lead forecaster at the SPC) is teaching. The lessons are about 1.5hrs each and they are on the OUSCAMS YouTube channel. The lessons are also streamed live there every Tuesday at 7:30pm CDT. I have found them very informative and enjoyable. Is anyone else here watching them? What do you think about it @reedtimmer ? Oh, and @seth is it okay if I post a link the videos here? I would’ve in this post but I couldn’t remember if that’s something that is done here (posting YouTube links, I mean), sorry :frowning:


You can post any link here as long as the contents of that link doesn’t violate the Terms of Service and is follows the Guidelines/FAQ.


Found the channel last Wed by accident and have been watching it in my spare time. Does anyone know if they are still giving them? I hope so, but great things have a way of dying out (Tornado Chasers on Discovery…)


Thanks for posting about them. I just saved the playlist and will have to view them when it isn’t bedtime.


I love tracking storms and reading computer models I understand some things. I’m just wondering what some of the steps are. What model do you start with? How high up do you go and what values do you look at to determine severe or non severe.
Thanks for your feedback