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Tornado outbreak 5/8-5/9: Saturday Nowcast


Dozens of tornadoes are possible Friday and Saturday across Western OK, Southern KS, North TX. A couple could be violent long tracked tornadoes. SPC has a moderate risk on both days.


headed to Enid Saturday…anybody going to be in the area?


I am in Perry getting ready to head southwest for Friday’s storms!


Where do you feel that most of the storms will be today.
Is there favorable conditions for tornadoes today. We are from Chicago
and thinking of coming down. Please reply


Not trying to be rude, but by the way you wrote the title, it sounds like their WAS a tornado outbreak, not a POTENTIAL for an outbreak!


Today will be North TX as the main area. Though, storm coverage won’t be very high any storm that develops could rotate.


Not rude at all, we should strive to keep things tidy on this forum and part of that is choosing a title that very closely matches the content of the post. Once you gain enough permissions you should be able to edit others titles, categories, etc.


Just because the squall lines are moving through, does not mean we will not get a tornado outbreak. Air will become very juiced up in Western OK, Southwestern KS. That will bring the threat for maybe a couple of strong, long tracked tornadoes.


It does seem it could be a big day in western Oklahoma! <img <img src="/uploads/default/662/2f1897e42d633bcb.jpg" width=“516”


I live just west of Enid. It might be a big day!! :slight_smile:


I’ve changed this to a nowcast and will do severe weather warnings on this page as well as forecasting.


I noticed that the spc had an enhanced risk for sat and TWC had a torcon of 7.


Tornado Warning for Crowley County in CO until 1:00 PM MDT. Confirmed tornado on the ground.


Tornado Warning for Pueblo County in CO until 3:00 PM MDT


Tornado Warning for El Paso and Pueblo Counties in CO until 3:15 PM MDT


Unconfirmed report of a large tornado in the CO storm. Again, UNCONFIRMED report.


Tornado Warning for El Paso and Pueblo Counties in CO until 3:45 PM MDT


Weathernation reported debris in the CO storm. Possible tornado.


Wall cloud (mid-level rotation) reported in the #severe storm west of Eastland, TX; cell moving NE 15 mph.


Tornado Warning for Eastland County in TX until 5:15 PM CDT