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Warning lights on vehicles


I have been confused for some time about what is legal with regards to having flashing/warning lights on your chase vehicles. In my personal opinion, I would think they would be allowed, but I wanted to find out the community’s thoughts/experiences before I looked into getting them in the future.


Check with your state. Here in Illinois, I use amber/white flashing lights. We cannot use blue or red.


Amber and White are 90% of the time allowed red and blue almost 100% not allowed. few exceptions for red would be if you are emergency personal ( emt, firefighter, tow truck, etc…) I always ran Amber on the top if i had my truck i had a extra light bar for turn/revers/brake under the tail gate set to work with my normal running and brake lights. ambers are allowed on front top rear etc… if you put fog lights on the back of your vehicle make sure that they are aimed as to not hit drivers behind you if you turn them on before you stop after you stop if you have light bar etc… you normally can use fog lights on the back as long as your not moving and they are not purposely aimed at drivers coming at you. im from MN. there is also a thing called a red light permit that if you are emergency personal that you can apply for as to not to be stop when going threw red lights if your emergency lights are on and you are on the way to the scene of something.


@tistherich1, @scott, what about if I was from Texas, and wanted to chase in Oklahoma (just using these states for example). If I had an amber light legaly installed/permitted in Texas, but OK doesn’t allow it for their citizens, would there be legal issues, since I am from out of state? My concern is that I would have to Remove the set before traveling to a different state, and then add it back when I came home.
Also, for those who watched tornado chasers, Reed put a siren on one of the Doms (I think Dom 2) to warn others about tornados. What would be the legal process for doing this?
Thanks for your responses.


To start with the siren I would highly recommend contacting local and state police to ask if you can I do not know of any chasers with a siren for alerting others. I never chase outside of my home state but again when you called to ask about the siren you could ask them if it would be a issue if you run out of state the most the cops in the other state could do is ticker you and tell you that you can not use the lights in the other state. Most of the time though if your not causing issues with traffic they leave you alone especially if the vehicle is clearly marked that your a spotter and your not breaking any laws.