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What can an F0 do to a truck?


I have always wondered what a very weak tornado could do to a truck. Would the truck just roll forward and the windows not break or would the truck flip over and be pushed of the road?


Well the EF0 goes around 0 to 80’s MPH it may pick up a human but it can do really nothing to a car or truck . the only thing that makes it horrifying it can make your light vehicle slide!


I’m not sure if this is correct but when I read Into The Storm, Reed mentioned a time when he and a friend got trapped in an F0 tornado and they dove under the car but the car wasn’t picked up. I don’t remember exactly what happened b/c I haven’t read the book in a while.


Well if Reed Timmer dove under the car that’s kind of stupid but genius at the same time.


i think it would break the windows


Need about 120mph for vehicles to tumble over.


Get on you tube - check out the tractor trailer on the Springfield, MA Memorial Bridge, - Think if was June 1, 2011. My opinion (tho humble) would think it depends on the conditions where you are at - at that time and what is around you.

If you see or hear a tornado - run and hide at the lowest location you can find.