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What do professional storm chasers do on the off season


Hey guys, just wondering what do storm chasers do on the off season?


Suffer form SDS (Storm Deprivation Syndrome) until the following spring. :smiley:


Some of us have the pleasure of chasing and documenting significant winter weather.


Myself, I do enjoy live streaming Snow Storms but next to that, when the Storm Season ends in the Canadian Prairies, I begin filming and production on my Paranormal Investigation TV Show :slight_smile: (it’s called “Knights Of The Dark”)


Team StormTrak 97 is fortunate enough to be located in Wisconsin, where the storm season never ends. However; that being said, chasing a snowstorm is FAR more dangerous than a tornado or summer thunderstorm. And on the contrary to what the media says, thundersnow isn’t rare here at all. It actually happens a couple times each winter.


SDS (Storm Deprivation Syndrome) So very true gasorg !


Winter Weather is always fun
Hurricane hunting is a possibility, but it’s extremely dangerous (as in, WHY DID I DO THIS)
Very short window for fall Tornadoes