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What if Yellowstone erupted? OPEN FORUM


So what if the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park erupted? Although this is not an actual “weather” event, it would be a severe disaster for the North America, and possibly parts of the western hemisphere.
The ash would cover the entire USA (According to some charts), and that would obviously upset weather systems and temps across North and South America.
It’s estimated that 90K to 4 million+ people could die, and millions be effected directly from the explosion.
Planes would be grounded and most cars would not be able to operate, and roofs could collapse from the snow-like ash.

Now, some say it “will be millions of years until the next explosion”, however some have concluded it could explode in as soon as 80 years.

Here is a great illustration of the exact scale of the supervolcano under Yellowstone ↓

This is an open forum. Feel free to throw in your theories, ideas, or questions. Please respect others.


I don’t really want to know what would happen if Yellowstone went up…don’t really want to be on the same continent


I heard the magma chamber doesn’t have enough liquid compared to the solid rock in the magma chamber. think of it not like a ‘chamber,’ more like a sponge. the volcano can’t erupt if there’s too much solid rock, AKA, not enough magma. BUT, if it DID erupt, the effects could include thousands of square miles affected by ash fall and a volcanic winter, similar to the year without a summer caused by the eruption of Mt. Tambora, only it could last on the order of ten years. The later effect would cause thousands to starve do to the inability for plants to grow in the perpetual cold.


Acccording to new research the red dot ( the site of eruption over the years ) has been moving , but for argument sake lets say it did have the power and to do so and at its current location . it will be consider mayor chaos since most of the airlines crosses thru. In terms of meteorology depending on the winds the ash may carry all of the north and parts of Europe, this also will disrupt the atmosphere .Now its spring, the ash coverage can go global causing the begining of a mini ice age that could last anywhere from 7-10 yrs if the eruption is severe. If the eruption is mild only the north and parts of the central will see the massive weather change, such as snow in tropical areas during certaing season. Huracanes may exist in abnormal areas or abnormal seasons , or they may not be able to create if the ash coverage block the sun enough that its could not warm certain parts of he ocean.this is my opinion so far .


There are a lot of myths, internet rumors, and urban legends about super-volcanos - Especially Yellowstone. The truth of the matter is that geologists are not even sure if Yellowstone will ever erupt on continental scale ever again. In fact, there is evidence to suggest Yellowstone is dying volcano. A couple of things though…

While large magma chambers are certainly capable of producing large scale eruptions, they are also capable of producing numerous small eruptions. While Yellowstone is well known for its three “super-eruptions”, but it has also experienced quite a few smaller explosive eruptions, and several dozen effusive (think Hawaii) eruptions - as early as 70,000 years ago. If Yellowstone were to have another eruption, chances are it would be one of these small scale effusive eruptions. It might not even be big enough to close the park. In fact, the biggest eruptive threat in Yellowstone isn’t even magmatic, but rather phreatic explosions. (steam explosions) Because of the massive geothermal system in the park, phreatic explosions have been known to occur in the park three or four times a year. Another hazard many people don’t consider is the earthquake hazard. Yellowstone is also very tectonically active. It is more than capable of producing a 7.0 magnitude+ earthquake. One earthquake was so powerful it caused a landslide into a lake causing a Tsunami that wiped out a bunch of people on the other side of the lake. But what about a super-eruption?

It probably wouldn’t be as bad as people think it. A lot of films and TV have portrayed a Yellowstone Super-Eruption as some sort of America destroying apocalypse - but thats just not reality. While a super-eruption would be quite damaging, the USGS has actually run a simulation which predicts the majority of the damage would occur within 500 miles of the volcano, mostly due to ash fall. While that is still significant, it is not America ending by a long shot. More like a level or two up from Katrina. Even the much discussed “volcanic winter” may not be nearly as bad as we once thought. Some studies from the Toba eruption from 70,000 years ago (the one that supposedly caused the human genetic bottleneck. Google “Toba Catastrophe Theory” for ore info) suggest that the volcanic winter was only 1 - 3C drop instead of 5 - 7C drop. That would still be bad, but it would not be devastating. So in short, it would be bad, but you would likely survive it quite handedly.

If you want more info, the USGS has an entire department called the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory that goes into great detail about all of the geology behind Yellowstone.

Hope that helps!


Your right, Yellowstone probably wont erupt, the hotspot is likely in the process of making a new magma chamber. this means a much longer than normal interval is likely to occur, similar to the interval between the caldera shifting locations.


This is what I understand about Yellowstone. It’s not likely to erupt, as Mt. St. Helens did.