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Where are my Midwest Chasers?


Hey fellow chasers! I’m new to TVN and I’m looking for other chasers that are in the midwest. I’m in Indiana. Even if you aren’t in my region, I’d love to hear your weather stories!! Please reach out to me by messaging me at my brand new blogging site: Welcome to storm season 2016!!


My name is Jennifer McMahan and I from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Indiana Area. My husband (Brady) and I chase those areas unless there is a high risk then we will chase within a 200-300 radius. We also chase the plains area once a year,around May. Welcome to the TVN community! Hope to see ya out chasing sometime!

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Jennifer McMahan



I’m in Central Indiana (Indianapolis) Go Colts! I just finished taking a Skywarn spotter class on Saturday.


Northern Illinois here love chasing so much free time this spring/summer.


Hi Jennifer! Just sent you a reply on FB messenger :slight_smile:


Hi, Brando! You’re right in my stomping ground!! Congrats on your SkyWarn class! I just renewed my certification with the online courses :slight_smile:


Hi Dowty86! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Wish I had more free time for chasing. I just hope storms come after work and not during!


Where did you take the exam? I would like to have the certification, the class I took was 2 hour presentation with no exam.


I took the Skywarn classes online. After getting through the material, it will prompt you to take the quiz for each section. If you pass, it will forward you to the ability to download and/or print your certificate. I don’t have the link written down, but you should be able to Google “MetEd Skywarn Spotter Training” and find it rather quickly. Good luck! Feel free to message me through Facebook if you have other questions. You can find me under “Sarah Hand Alexander” or at


First of all, Skywarn Spotters are just that, SPOTTERS. The online and local Skywarn training will stress that the NWS Skywarn Spotters are NOT chasers.

Second, most local Skywarn organizations will want you to take the local training even if you have the online certificate. Our local Skywarn requires everyone to take the local training every two years to participate.


How are things going, my name is Cory and my chase partner is Max. Glad to see some fellow chasers from the midwest on here! Were based out of Southeastern Wisconsin and usually chase anywhere severe weather is to be found, provided we have the money of course haha. But welcome to the community, hopefully we could meet one day underneath a nice updraft! Feel free to keep in touch if you would like, I’ll put our Facebook link below. Best of luck to you this chase season!

-Wicked Wx Interceptors crew