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Why was the Live Chasing removed?


Sorry, I just came back after a long break and I was ready to see some live chasing, then I noticed I was gone! Why’d it go away?


This has been a common question. My understanding of it was that it eventually cost to much to maintain, so it had to be shut down.


This is still up where the live streaming page used to be:

After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to discontinue the TVNweather Live Storm chasing service.

When we launched the TVN live streaming platform 4 years ago, our
mission was to grow a platform for storm chasers to share their severe
weather reports and experiences in the field with weather enthusiasts,
news media, emergency managers, and especially the people in the path of
these dangerous storms. The platform has provided many storm chasers
with the opportunity to share their chases with the world and we
consider the overall experience a success. Many people and organizations
have also come to rely on it for public safety and early warning and we
know it will be missed.

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources, we can no longer provide
the level of service everyone has grown to expect and as such we would
rather simply shut the service down rather than provide a substandard
viewing experience.

We are not seeking options or contributions to continue operating
the Live Storm Chasing platform, but simply would like to thank our
loyal supporters and especially our network of hard-working storm
chasers for growing this incredible product over the last 4 years.


I see. That’s unfortunate, but I totally understand.


I would have been glad to pay for this app. It is a shame it was removed. I have many friends who enjoyed watching those who chose to chase, especially when it was close to home. Have they looked for sponsors? I just hate that it’s gone! :weary:


I offered to host, but never got a reply…


We have no interest in attempting to get the service back up and running. I’m going to close this topic now since there’s no point in continuing the discussion further.