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Will the Periscope App change the way we stream Tornadoes?


Will Periscope open up more people to Streaming Tornadoes . I know for me it un-complicates the process and I feel less intimidated by the process.


I’m not sure about streaming weather, but I’ve been quite impressed with the buy-in on services like Periscope and Meerkat. I think it goes well with Twitter which is more of a real-time platform, but it can cause problems when you want to resurface older data or extract and re-display on other services. If it had a longer archival in its workflow or allowed for download of the video (it may I don’t know) I think it would work better for Severe Weather. As a real-time warning platform I think it’s great.


Thanks for your reply. I agree with the real time aspect of Twitter and Periscope. Seems like so many people are using Periscope to get out live messages, I just though it would be good to live stream with.